Sausage Dog Invasion!

Fierce Festival, Birmingham’s premier live art and performance festival, returns from Thursday 29 March to Sunday 8 April.

As part of the festival’s opening weekend, Brindleyplace will be taken over by live sausage dogs as part of a live art installation in conjunction with Ikon Gallery.

A scaled model of the United Nations assembly situated in Oozells Square outside Ikon Gallery will be populated with 47 live dachshunds from across the country. A playful, satirical and often chaotic piece, it features a large scale architectural installation and a performance work examining the utopian aspirations of the Commission on Human Rights.

Ikon is also Fierce partner for two other projects as part of the festival which sees performers from around the world converge on Birmingham to bring boundary-pushing performances and art installations.

Spaghetti Junction is revealed through a bewilderingly new visual and sonic perspective in Track, a moveable participatory installation by Graeme Miller. Participants are positioned face-up and camera-style onto their individual ‘grip’ (trolly) then moved on a slow, smooth journey along a 100 metre length of track. Invited to gaze upwards, they undergo a solitary, immersive experience as the system of roads, railways, canals, rivers and pipelines make their own intersections around them. Track takes place in the dramatic underbelly of the city’s Gravelly Hill Interchange. Opened in 1972 and known popularly as Spaghetti Junction, the structure plaits together five different levels of road on 559 columns up to 80 feet high and has become intrinsically associated with Birmingham.

Artist Hamish Fulton leads an alterative pilgrimage on Easter Sunday, where visitors can take a city-centre walk as part of Re-Tracing the City, a programme of walking-based public artwork.

Fierce Festival  has established an international reputation for risk-taking, excellence and innovation, and is now widely recognised as one of the UK’s most important contemporary arts festivals.

To find out more to to book tickets visit the Fierce Festival website.

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