PENGUIN ARRIVAL: The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham says ‘Velkommen’ to nine new Gentoo penguins

Christmas came early for The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham, as the attraction welcomed nine new eager Gentoo penguins from Billund, Denmark who travelled an impressive 1,407 kilometres and eventually waddled happily into their new Midlands home.

The little fellows, four of which were as young as seven months, were accompanied by Aquarist Hayley Roberts, who looked after them and ensured their journey was a smooth process.

Six male and three female Gentoo penguins will be introduced to the existing colony as part of the Breed, Rescue, Protect programme and it’s hoped that they will breed successfully this Spring and continue to grow the penguin colony.

Chris Coventry, Marketing Manager at The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham said: “It’s great to be a part of an international breeding programme and we couldn’t wait to welcome the new arrivals from Denmark.

“They are such fascinating sea creatures and we look forward to seeing their personalities come to light and watching the interactions between them all when they are introduced to their new mates.”

To see the Gentoo penguins arriving at their new home, watch the video here:

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