Want a Lift?

As part of its sustainability programme, Brindleyplace is backing Liftshare’s Lift to Work scheme aimed at getting business people to share transport and reduce carbon emissions across the UK.

The scheme currently has 500,000 individual members and 600 corporate lift share schemes, all of which are now reaping the many benefits that Liftshare has to offer. Perhaps most importantly, the scheme can allow companies to monitor their efforts in reducing carbon dioxide emissions but individuals will also see a reduction in commuting costs and a lesser demand for car parking spaces. Additionally, businesses can take advantage of an improved community profile and encourage behavioural change amongst its employees.

Lynsey Riley, environmental manager for Brindleyplace said: “Brindleyplace is always striving to improve the green policies of both the estate and those of its tenants. By supporting the Liftshare scheme we are hoping to encourage employees based at Brindleyplace to reduce their carbon footprint by sharing lifts to and from work. There are more than 8500 people working at Brindleyplace and so it is highly likely that a high proportion of people will be able to find someone that travels the same way as they do by joining forces with other companies on the estate – making it not only great for the environment but a fantastic way to meet new people too!”

For further information visit liftshare.com.

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